Privacy issues

Privacy of individuals' personal information as listed on the Internet has become an important issue in recent years, and with good reason. In compiling this genealogy site, I have taken the following steps to ensure the privacy of all involved.

  1. The time limit used by the United States Census for disclosure of information to the public domain is seventy five (75) years. Therefore I feel this is a good cutoff date with which to "cover my legal butt." Births, marriages, etc. which occurred more than 75 years from the "last update" listed on my main page will be listed, all events more recent than that will be suppressed, unless they are covered under the following conditions.
  2. For individuals in my records who are listed as being deceased, all information is listed. Whether or not an individual is listed as being deceased in these records is determined by several different sources, including word of mouth, Roberta Morrisey's records (on which the large part of my information about the Morrisey and related lines is based), and the Social Security Death Index.
  3. I will, additionally, list the information of individuals whom I have personally contacted and gained their explicit permission to do so.

If I am listing your information in error:

I have taken some pains to ensure the privacy of all involved with this web site, but due to its volume (well over a thousand listings, and growing steadily), I may have made typograpical or other errors which may cause someone's personal information to be shown in error. If this is the case, and you don't want this, please contact me and I will remove your information immediately. My email address is I wish to address and resolve any privacy issue which may occur with regard to this information, for integrity rather than mere legal reasons.

Thanks for visiting the site, and for reading this far down the page! :-)

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