Are you related to this guy?

Well, if you're on this list, you are!

(And so are your kids. So be careful. Practice safe sex, where applicable.)

Gathering genealogical information on the Internet is a right pain in the butt, at times. There are lists and lists and lists, most of which really have nothing to do with the task at hand (which is, if it needs to be said again, finding one's relatives. Living or dead doesn't really matter, but they really ought to at least be related to you, don'tchathink?).

Surfing sites, doing searches, putting up with the plethora of animated gifs, midi music and cutesy homilies has gotten me to the point where I'm a bit jaded. To cut down on my sense of futility, I've decided to limit my core GEDCOM to people who actually are related to me, and that's what the above-linked file provides. These are the ones I've found so far, and I'm hoping to add more.

That's not to say I've entirely lost interest in the "peripherals," as I've come to call them; links will probably be added in the future to those sites who have one of my relatives and 100,000 unrelated Scandinavian royalty on them. But finding "links" is no longer my prime goal. I'm trying to find family members. Even if they're dead. :-)

"All hands, prepare for genealogical research!"
  "Prepare for genealogical research, aye sir!"
"Speakers off!"
  "Speakers off, aye sir."
"Java off!"
  "Java off, aye."
"Javascript off!"
  "Javascript off, aye sir!"
"Stand by stop animations!"
  "Stand by stop animations, aye sir!"
"Rig ship for Geocities."
  "Rig ship for Geocities, aye."

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